Friday, February 27, 2015

1942 O.B. Kerr moved his family and factory into The Holly Springs Depot

During the 1940’s The Depot was bought and saved by Orange Baxter Kerr  who was an inventor and business man.  

O.B. (as he preferred to be called) restored the derelict building and converted the first floor into a factory.  The second floor of The Depot was renovated and rented out as apartments.  

 Click on the image below if you want to read more about OB Kerr and The Depot's transformation in the 1940's.

Cite: Weems, A.G. (1948, February 29). Mr. Kerr No Longer Broods Beneath A Honeysuckle Vine. The Commercial Appeal, Memphis, Sunday Morning, Section I pp. 12.

His descendants continue to reside at The Depot and, with the help of volunteers and Depot Divas (a.k.a. Dixie Divas in the Virginia Brown novels), are working on restoring it.

 Check out the Depot Diva characters in mystery book form!
If you are curious about the Depot Divas go read about them from one of its members Virginia Brown.  Now the real Depot Divas do not solve murders but their soap opera antics do make an appearance in these delicious Dixie Diva novels.

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