Thursday, February 19, 2015

Not Dead Yet!

Holly Springs Depot After a Snow Storm (c) 2015 Alexandra Ashmead

No, silly The Holly Springs Depot was not abandoned (pictured above).  The Holly Springs Depot has not been abandoned since its birth in the 1850's.  I should know since I am one of the lucky few who live here.  
Holly Springs Freight Depot After a Snow Storm (c) 2015 Alexandra Ashmead

Nor has the Freight Depot been abandoned.  In fact, the Mississippi Central Railroad line has expanded its business.  

Holly Springs Cotton Compress After a Snow Storm (c) 2015 Alexandra Ashmead

Unfortunately the old Cotton Compress, established in the early 1900's, and its tiny shacks are, according to the current owner, going to be torn down this year (Spring 2015). 

Holly Springs Cotton Compress Shacks After a Snow Storm (c) 2015 Alexandra Ashmead


  1. My great grand parents R A McDermott and Dena L McDermott leased the entire depot and station with hotel and resturant from ICG railroad from 1892 until 1922 with all the workings of the depot and owned the land around the depot with several of the out buildings along with a store house. I still have the original lease agreements and several items of paper work along with several items from the original resturant..

  2. As far as the compress, my great uncle H Price Curd was one of the owners of Federal Compress Company..

  3. I had several of the original brass key number plates for the hotel rooms but have dissappeared over the years and I can only find one of them now..


    1. That is amazing! I know you probably wouldn't want to part with any of those awesome relics but, if you are, we would greatly appreciate them. Or, if you are willing, you can send us photos of them. I know I would love to post the menu and key plates on this blog and inside The Depot. I would also love to add any stories and family photos you may have to celebrate your family running the Depot-Compress district in its heyday.
      Feel free to e-mail me anytime at

      Take care,