Friday, March 13, 2015

Old Train Ledgers Left at The Depot

Today (3/13/2015) was a very lucky Friday the 13th because I got to uncover several railroad ledgers.
The earliest book I could find was for the year 1880.  It marks the number of tickets sold each day and for what destination.

Another ticket book made 12 years later writes "No Sales" for Dec. 28th 1902.

I also found this book titled "Record of Coupon Tickets Received and [________]"

 This is what it looks like inside for year 1893.

Another type of book that I found was titled "Train Register."
  It doesn't want to load the right side up but if you don't mind tilting your head you can read who was the conductor, engineer,  departure time, number of cars, etc. for the year 1898.

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