Friday, March 6, 2015

The Grand Opening of The Holly Springs Depot was Monday 5/17/1886!

The first part of The Depot was built in the 1850's. It was square building with a flat roof.  In the 1880's The Holly Springs Depot was given a makeover.  New additions were added on until The Depot was transformed into the impressive building you see today.  Below are articles written about The Depot's new additions.
 The first article that mentioned The Depot's makeover.  

The Ashland press asks the Holly Springs press if this $20,000 remodeling of The Depot is true.

Printed 6 months before the grand opening, this article teased readers on what would be expected at the new Holly Springs Depot.

The new Holly Springs Depot was open to the public on May 17th 1886. Click on the images below to read more about the renovated depot. Take note that misspellings were original to the articles.

Printed the same week as the grand opening, this article states how The Depot "... is an ornament to our city of which we may well be proud."

Printed a week after the opening, this article boasts about The Depot's first class service.

Printed on the same page as the article above, this entry is almost identical with the exception of train numbers that would stop and take their daily meals at The Depot.

 Below is an article that was printed the same week as the grand opening.  It is my personal favorite since it has the most detail about The Depot's newly refurbished interior.

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