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Holly Springs for Sale!

The following ad was placed in "The Mississippian" newspaper in 1835.  
The Town of Holly Springs for Sale.

This Town is situated on the head waters of Pigeon Roost. The two spring creeks, Coldwater and Chewalla, about forty-five miles from Memphis, Ten., forty-five miles from Pontatoc, twenty miles from Mitchell’s Bluffs, and fourteen miles south of the Tennessee line, and immediately on the nearest and best route from the Western District of Tennessee to Jackson, Vicksburg, Natchez and the lower parts of Mississippi.  

The town will be laid off by the undersigned Commissioners into commodious lots for business and family residences, and offered for sale on accommodating terms, upon the premises, on the 26th October next.  

It is generally believed, that the town of Holly Springs will be a county site, and is acknowledged by all persons who are acquainted with its situation, to be in the Centre of the most fertile and healthy part of the Chickasaw Nation.  It abounds with beautiful running springs.  The soil is truly productive and well adapted to the growth of Cotton, which can be well attested by many planters, already settled in the county. 

On account of its healthy situation and many fine springs which are about this place, there will be established well organized seminaries of learning and will no doubt be a place of great resort by many of the most wealthy and respectable citizens of the lower part of the State, during the sickly season.  

All those who wish to purchase desirable town lots in a healthy and well watered country, are invited to come and examine for themselves.  By a previous examination of the surrounding country, they will find that the Holly Springs must be a considerable place of business of a general character.  There are several extensive mercantile houses already established at this place, which have been enabled to do a good business during the past summer.  

The place is rapidly improving, and the country around fast selling by wealthy and respectable citizens.  Many persons are daily visiting this place for the purpose of obtaining family residences and situations for business.  The commissioners could say much more but they deem it unnecessary, as it is acknowledged by all persons that the site of the Holly Springs embraces more advantages and offers more inducements for the location of a town than any other place now known in the Chickasaw Nation.

John Hardin,
Volney Peel,
W.S. Randolph,
L.D. Henderson,
Thomas  Leftwich,
John B Moore.

Holly Springs, Mi. October 9---31

Cite:  Hardin, J., Peel, V., Randolph, W.S., Henderson, L.D., Leftwich,  T., & Moore, J. B.  “The Town of Holly Springs for Sale.” The Mississippian, Oct. 1835, Print.

Notes:  All misspellings in the above text were found in the original ad.  
The part “Holly Springs, Mi” is not a typo in the paper.  I’m not sure why but some ads have it as "Mi." and others have it as "Miss." or "Mississippi."
"Seminaries of learning" is a term used in the 1800's for training schools, academies, colleges, and universities.

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