Friday, July 3, 2015

Project Updates at The Depot!

A new day is dawning over The Depot!
Earlier this year we said goodbye to the 60 year old fence placed at The Depot by O.B. Kerr in the early 1950's.
Now we are saying "Ooh La La" to our beautiful fence.

This week our fence project is now complete with these carved motifs.

Here is a closer look at our new posts.
These motifs on the posts match the ones found inside The Depot.

You might have noticed some strange looking doors.  We needed to pick a color for the new garage doors.  This traditional color is what we have chosen.  

This week we got to say farewell to our old garage doors.

These fabulous workers did all this work in one day....Wow!

The new brick work is using 1886 brick from The Depot's retired chimneys.

Stay tuned for more Depot updates! 

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