Friday, September 25, 2015

Retro photo of The Depot!

When my great grandfather O.B. Kerr bought The Depot, he added a porch (see blue box in photo), covered the courtyard (see red box in photo), and added brick wall under the awning of the 1886 dining room (see yellow box in photo).

Cite:  Sanborn-Perris Map Co., Limited.  Holly Springs, Marshall Co. Miss. [map].  1:600.  New York, NY:  Sanborn-Perris Map Co., Limited, 1892.
His new additions used the bricks from the torn down Holly Springs Stone Ware Company.  This building use to make pottery and was located between the tracks close to Salem Bridge (see black and white photo for location).

What I love about these photos are the original chimneys that had to be taken down in the 1970's.  They had a lot of character and provided homes to many swifts.  It is a dream of ours to have them up once more.

To get a different view of these changes in the 1940's see this previous post: Outside Walking Tour of The Depot!

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