Monday, December 7, 2015

Tracks of Generals was a Happy Success!

Here are some photos of our event last Friday. It was such a fun day and I am so happy that I got to celebrate it with all of y'all.  The following shots were taken either by by Megan Wolfe or Hollie Janelle. 
To get more of their amazing work follow the links below.

Megan Wolfe 
Facebook Page:
Photography Website:
Gallery Art:

General Grant played by Curt Fields [Photograph by Megan Wolfe].
Ms. Lizzie Watson played by Sue Smith [Photograph by Megan Wolfe].
Mrs. Jessie Peters played by Alexa Ashmead [Photograph by Megan Wolfe].

Professor Frank L. Bristow played by Phillip Knecht [Photograph by Megan Wolfe].

Mrs. Julia Grant played by Lena Fields [Photograph by Megan Wolfe].
Toast of the General's Cup [Photograph by Megan Wolfe].

Hollie Janelle 
Photography Website:

From left to right:  Larry Dixon, Alexandra Ashmead, Sue Smith, Genevieve Busby, Abby Busby, Carol Parks, Phillip Knecht, and Curt Fields [Photograph by Hollie Janelle].

Mini Concert at the Yellow Fever House by Alex Mercedes [Photograph by Hollie Janelle].

General Grant posing with author Bridget Smith who wrote the book "Where Elephants Fought" [Photograph by Hollie Janelle].

Larry Dixon and Curt Fields portraying both sides of the Civil War [Photograph by Hollie Janelle].

Larry Dixon at the Holly Springs Square [Photograph by Hollie Janelle].

Curt Fields on the second floor of I.C. Levy building [Photograph by Hollie Janelle].

From left to right: Larry Dixon, Phillip Knecht, Lena Fields, Genevieve Busby, and Sue Smith [Photograph by Hollie Janelle].

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