Friday, January 29, 2016

Great Start to Creating an Art Council in Holly Springs, MS!

I want to thank all the WONDERFUL people who showed up for our first meeting to start an Arts Council for Holly Springs.

Our two guides to form an Arts Council were Connie Souto Learman and Melanie Deas.

Connie is the Arts-Based Community Development Director who works at MAC (Mississippi Arts Commission) in Jackson, MS.   Her friend, Melanie Deas is the Executive Director of the LINK Centre in Tupelo, MS.

Both were a wealth of information.  Connie gave an excellent presentation on how we can form and sustain an Arts Council for Holly Springs.

Connie explained that starting an Arts Council is easy (she referenced the forms needed) but maintaining an arts council is hard (she discussed the grants and services we should utilize).

Main point of the meeting?  If we want an Arts Council for Holly Springs we need to obtain grants!

That being said, these two ladies, who were very impressed with our community, were most encouraging.

Thank all of y'all for coming out to show your support!!!

Connie Souto Learman (from Mississippi Arts Commission) and Melanie Deas (from LINK Centre) were very impressed with our diverse group of artists and supporters of the arts.

They remarked that we have a beautiful spark that they want to kindle. The only way to keep that creative fire alive is to obtain funding through grants that they will help us write.  Once we obtain funds we can have a sustainable Arts Council for Holly Springs!

Okay, what is next?

Good question!

1)  Paperwork (Phillip Knecht and The Holly Springs Depot will do this).
2)  Create and describe mini committees and their roles.
3)  Contact y’all and see how much time you can give to support the cause.
3)  Once all the committees are formed and members are placed we will begin our work to benefit            Holly Springs. Yippee!

Contact info:

Connie Souto Learman (MAC)
         Phone:  601-359-6035

Melanie Deas (LINK Centre)
         Phone:  662-690-4011

Alexa Ashmead (The Depot)
         Phone: 662-216-9811

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