Friday, March 4, 2016

Once upon a time, the circus came by The Holly Springs Depot!

Gwen Wyatt remembers her Grandmamma Aline Cox Kerr calling her to the Depot's door facing Van Dorn Avenue (across from Phillips).

To Gwen's surprise and delight, they watched as circus animals were unloaded from the train. The animals were then walked from the Depot down the road in a parade-like fashion.  "That is how they advertised that the circus was in town," Gwen added.

Later, when the circus was officially open, Gwen remembers going with her Grandmamma to a large circus tent.  "It was a one-ring circus," Gwen exclaimed.  They got themselves a wax paper cone of popcorn and watched the acts.

Jo Wyatt-Ashmead, remembers her Granddaddy O.B. Kerr taking her to see the circus animals outside the big tent. Perched on her Granddaddy's shoulders, she viewed the animals one by one. "The animals were well cared for.  The animals had lots of fluffy straw and food.  The Circus people showered them with affection and attention.  They petted the animals and talked to them like beloved family members."

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