Friday, April 1, 2016

2016 Depot Projects: The Bathroom and Dining Room

The Bathroom Project is almost done.  It has been put on hold for a bit to allow the floor to dry.

While we wait, other Depot projects continue!

Yes, because of all of your continued support, we are able to start work on the legendary Dining Room!

Some of you know the Dining Room's amazing history of singing waiters serving imported high quality food and water, a nightlife center with stopovers by legendary figures like William Faulkner, and later a factory for O. B. Kerr.

In the 1990's, the suspended ceiling fell with a soft "thud".  One wall shifted slightly to the right and the beams having nothing to support them fell.

We will build another internal wall and put support posts to keep this from happening again. The ceiling wood will be reused.   Then, we can work on fixing the beloved roof on top of the Depot.

Yes, finally we have trusted contractors who can manage this incredible feat.

In summary,

2016 Depot Projects:
1) Wheelchair accessible bathroom (almost done)
2) Stabilize the Dining Room (starting)
3) Fix the Depot's roof (upcoming)

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