Friday, June 17, 2016


Legacies come in all forms!

Pictured above is a garden legacy by Aline Cox Kerr.  She was a resilient person.  After her parents and eleven siblings died of typhoid fever, she survived to rear her remaining two siblings.  If she had not been away at college, she would have succumbed too.

This strong, but kind-hearted lady kept to her beliefs and would not sway.  She raised her daughter and granddaughters to respect all forms of life.  This lesson included gardening!  Over the decades, many have remarked on the Depot’s garden.  The landscape has changed dramatically from the 1940’s.  This was no easy feat.
Cite:  Kerr, O.B. Kerr Castle. circa 1940.  Photograph.  The Depot, Holly Springs, MS. 

Before 1942, very little would grow in the Depot’s soil polluted by coal dust.  Under Aline’s green thumb, one of the first plants that took hold was the elephant garlic (Allium ampeloprasum).  

The elephant garlic enriched the soil, attracted many pollinating bees, and was a mild garlic seasoning for cooking in the Depot’s kitchen.

Thus, with Aline’s tenacity and her daughter’s perseverance, they enriched the Depot’s soil.  Together they changed the Depot’s landscape from being a barren wasteland to a lush and diverse garden today.

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