Friday, June 3, 2016

What is new at the Depot?

Above picture: Early June blooms along the Depot's fence.
On the south side of the Depot, glorious daylilies are blooming courtesy of Richard Williamson’s Daylily Farm!  

If you love flowers or gardening, you should head off to this daylily paradise! During June only, the farm is open to the public each weekend (Sat. 8AM-5PM and Sun. 10AM-5PM).  

Seeing the daylily farm is a delight! The variety is enormous with so many colors, sizes, and shapes.  You will hear chuckles as people read out unexpected names, like “Grape Soda” or “Ferengi  Gold” (for Star Trek fans)!  

If you decide to go the weekend of June 18th or 25th you may be able to buy pre-picked or pick your own blueberries.  

If you wish to purchase daylilies to fit any budget or see gorgeous flowers, go to “Richard Williamson’s Daylily Farm” (384 Turner Cove, Holly Springs, MS 38635 and follow the signs).  If you have any questions or need help with directions call Richard at 662-544-1319.

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