Friday, July 1, 2016

Double Tub Cider Press at The Holly Springs Depot

This apple cider press came from East Tennessee.  No one knows how old it is, but it was used heavily by the O.B. Kerr family.

"Grandmamma and Granddaddy would use this press at the picnics and cookouts they held for their workers and their families," added Josephine Wyatt-Ashmead.

"They had an apple orchard on their farm outside Holly Springs.  They would pick the apples before the horses and mules ate them.  At least they would try.  Our mules and horses would stand tall on their hind legs and eat all the apples they could reach," Gwendolynn remarked in disbelief.
The wooden box is the "hopper" and the crank on the right would turn and chop up the apples.

"We would get big bushels of apples.  The apples were placed in the hopper on top.  The crank on the side was turned to chop the apples," explained Gwen.

The next step was to turn the wheel on the top, which pressed the apples to squeeze out all the juice. The juice would run down a trough into a bucket,"  said Gwen.

"The fresh juice was luscious.  If we had any leftover, then we boiled it and bottled it," remembered Jo.

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