Friday, July 29, 2016

Next Step: Roofing Jacks!

Our current roofers have been put on hold for a bit.  We must wait for several sunny days in a row before they can begin work on the towers.  If they don't wait for these sunny days, we might have a very wet attic. 

When conditions are right, they will first build some roof jacks.  

What are roof jacks?

Roof jacks help provide safety for the roofers to tackle the extreme pyramidal roofs on The Holly Springs Depot.  Below are photos from the summer of 1990.  They help illustrate how these roof jacks were attached to the Depot.
You can see how these boards were used to stop workers from falling to the ground.
These roofers built roof jacks and used ropes tied to their waists for safety.
As you can see the Depot's unique roofs needed a lot of roof jacks.

And it wasn't easy doing the mini pyramidal roofs above the attic windows.

Keep fingers crossed that we will have a string of sunny days so our amazing workers can finally tackle these steep roofs.

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