Friday, November 4, 2016

Project Updates for 2016!

Y'all might have seen our latest project:

Painting the outside trim!

Not sure about the color?  No worries.  Depending on the day, you will see the trim as white, grey, or blue.

We have also been working on the inside.  Our plumber has gotten pipes going to the catering kitchen, our new rooms are forming up nicely (with our new dining room door), and our electrician is currently working on getting us light!

I want to thank Tom Stewart of Southern Eatery (pictured above) for helping us solve our plumbing issues for our new catering kitchen.  Thank you Tom and Linda Stewart for giving us kitchen  advice!

I also want to give a very warm thank you to the Rotary Club in Holly Springs, Mississippi for letting me present this week.  Y’all are wonderful people!  Thank you!!!!

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