Friday, December 9, 2016

A Beautiful Success and Many Thanks!

Photo by Joy Deason.  From left to right:  Tim Craddock (member of First Mississippi Calvary), John H. Baucom (member of First Mississippi Calvary), Annette McCluney as Mrs. Beauregard, Lena Moody as Mrs. Julia Grant, Larry McCluney, Jr., as General Beauregard, and Larry Dixon (member of First Mississippi Calvary).  Click on the following links to learn more about our reenactors:  First Mississippi Calvary, General Beauregard and Mrs. Beauregard, and General Grant and Mrs. Grant.
The Tracks of Generals event at The Holly Springs Depot last Saturday was a wonderful success!
General Grant giving a fascinating speech!
I want to thank all of our visitors/parolees, speakers, reenactors, and volunteers.
Left to right:  Phillip Knecht as Frank L. Bristow, Pat Jones, Donald Harrison, and Jim Oates.

Y'all made this a very lovely experience that warmed our hearts! Thank you :)
Audience laughs at interaction between General Grant (Curt Fields) and General Beauregard (Larry McCluney).

Presentation on General Van Dorn's Raid.
Left to right:  Lena Moody as Mrs. Julia Grant, Alexa Ashmead, Gwen Wyatt, and Curt Fields as General Grant.

Presentation and Q&A with General Grant.
Lots of Smiles at the Tracks of Generals.

Parolees having fun at the Depot!
I need to give a special thank you to Larry Dixon for giving us our very own General Van Dorn flag!  What a beautiful surprise :)

Larry Dixon of the First Mississippi Cavalry gave an enchanting replica of General Van Dorn's flag!!
This week we made it into the paper!

 I want to thank The South Reporter newspaper in Holly Springs, MS for doing such a beautiful spread on our event!  To read The South Reporter online, please check out their website:

Cite:  "Depot hosts Tracks of Generals."  South Reporter [Holly Springs] 8 December 2016. Section I Page 7.  Print.

And thank you Megan Wolfe for taking such lovely photos of our event! To learn more about Megan Wolfe please go to her website:
Cite:  "Depot hosts Tracks of Generals."  South Reporter [Holly Springs] 8 December 2016. Section I Page 7.  Print.

Get your copy of The South Reporter this week to support our fabulous paper and to see more event highlights of our beloved city!!!

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